Menu Chopper Cafe

Menu Chopper Cafe

    • Main Courses

    • American Ribs

      American Ribs

      849 din

      Sweet pork ribs in smoke-flavoured sauce.

    • Burger Gurman XL

      Burger Gurman XL

      560 din

      XL Burger with cheese

    • Burger Gurmanski Gurman

      Burger Gurmanski Gurman

      450 din

      Special gourmet burger with extra bacon and cheese.

    • Chicken Wings

      Chicken Wings

      479 din

      American style chicken wings in terryaki sauce.

    • Chopper Mix of pleasure

      Chopper Mix of pleasure

      949 din

      Amazing tasty mix of Chopper specialities! If you can not decide for one meal, why not taste 'em all!

    • Crispy Chicken Breasts

      Crispy Chicken Breasts

      589 din

      Crispy crunchy fried chicken.

    • Crispy Chicken Wings

      Crispy Chicken Wings

      479 din

      Crunchy crispy chicken wings coated in cornflakes and fried.

    • Hot Sausages

      Hot Sausages

      579 din

      Home-made spicy sausages.Hot and Delicious!

    • Ribs and Chicken Wings

      Ribs and Chicken Wings

      749 din

      Sweet pork and crunchy chicken!

    • Ribs and Sausages

      Ribs and Sausages

      749 din

      Sweet ribs and hot sausages, just a perfect mix!

    • Snack

    • Club Sandwich

      Club Sandwich

      280 din

      Perfect for breakfast or midday snack. Two sandwiches with eggs, cheese, lettuce, sauce and roast.

    • English Breakfast

      English Breakfast

      280 din

      Start a day with our English Breakfast consisting of two eggs, sausage, cheese, toast and two sauces.

    • French Onion Soup

      French Onion Soup

      155 din

      Warm tasty home-made onion soup with cheese.

    • Home-made Soup

      Home-made Soup

      155 din

      Our hostess specialty, home-made chicken soup with noodles.

    • Nachos


      319 din
    • Onion Rings

      Onion Rings

      269 din
    • Spicy potatoes

      Spicy potatoes

      249 din
    • Dessert

    • Chocolate Muffin Cake

      Chocolate Muffin Cake

      180 din

      Best Chocolate Muffin Cake in this part of the world! With cherry on the top, of course!

    • Sweet Plum Pie

      Sweet Plum Pie

      180 din

      Not one, but two pieces of our wonderful home made sweet plum pie!